Well… I’m at work. Me and Larry. We’re the only ones at work and its 11 a.m., but for good reason. Last night, we celebrated Jordan’s 21st birthday, by being the loudest, largest group to travel through Old Town on a Thursday night. We had a good time and had lots to drink, but somehow, I’m still the only one in the office (that attended the party). There is something not right with this picture! We did get a shoutout on Sports Daily – Bob and Bruce’s show – this morning. What was classic about the moment was that they gave Larry mucho crap for not coming to join us out last night because he was probably in bed before we even went downtown!

I also received another phone call about a job opportunity. The Illinois State SID called and said he had heard good things about me (who the heck are these people talking to?!!) and we set up a time for a phone interview next Thursday at 4 p.m. So…things are looking up! I’ve applied at three places and have heard back from two — plus the internship. So, hopefully something will work out! Wow, you all must actually be keeping your fingers crossed. What good people you are! 🙂

Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend!


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  1. Erin

    I can’t believe Jord is 21. I still remember his hair turning green in the pool when we were little…yours too, but I was trying to be polite about it until I remembered how funny it was.

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