Missing My Buddies

When going through the process of Rush, you aren’t really thinking about the next four years of your life. You’re just thinking and praying to God that you make it through the process and end up where you wanted to be! It is the strangest process that I have ever been through. How odd to go sit on the floor at the sorority house and watch girls make fools of themselves as they perform a skit for you and try to “Whoo!” you by them making asses of themselves! Somehow, though, this process has worked — and what’s even stranger is that I still wanted to be a Kappa after watching their awful skit!

But the four years quickly flew by and I am now two years past my undergraduate years. I was so lucky to be in that house and made some wonderful friends.

I realized that moving to Wichita would prove to be a strain on the relationships that I had formed with my friends in college. I knew this only because I was moving here, while almost everyone else moved to Kansas City. I am still happy with my decision to come here. I really do like…I love the people I work with and the job — well, that’s a love-hate relationship! But I miss my friends…

Because of my job, it makes it unbelievably difficult to make it anywhere to visit my friends. I can make it to KC for the day, but have to go back that night because I have a softball game the next morning, or something like that. In my morning routine, I check facebook and it is almost inevitable that my friends have gathered for what I’m sure was an intellectually stimulating group outing and took many, many pictures to capture their moments together! It makes me sad that I am not there and don’t get to enjoy more time with them. This weekend, I got a text from Peine — she was with Steph, Aaron and Brett and she said they heard Hootie and were thinking of me! If I wasn’t around my mom, I probably would have burst into tears (because yes, I’m a friggin’ crier!).

I am very lucky for all of the things I have: the biggest, bestest family, great friends and boyfriend, cute dog :), a healthy and happy life. But I miss those people that I spent those quick four years of my life with. My mom always said that the friends you make in college are the friends you’ll have for life. I know that I am lucky enough to have both high school and college friends that are my friends for life.

To my friends who read this blog, I miss you! And please know that even though I am not there to take part in those intellectually-stimulating conversations and outings, you are on my mind!

Start saving those frequent flier miles…you might be needing to make some trips out to California (knock on wood!)!



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3 responses to “Missing My Buddies

  1. Erin

    Big Al headed to Cali? Whats that all about?

  2. Megan (since you never called me anything else)

    Oh Al!! I miss you too… you about made me tear up and I’m sitting here at work… But I have to agree… KKG was the best decision I’ve made so far! and 320 was the 2nd best! haha… What a house… I miss im’ing you next door too…btw… 🙂 Good luck with the Pac 10!!

  3. Jenna

    I guess I missed this post yesterday, but at least Megan warned me that I might tear up (which I did). I am the lucky one that gets to see you a little more often, but I still wish I could see you whenever I wanted! Love you tons… (and love the new blogspot with all the posts 🙂

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