Changes All Around

Sorry for the inconvenience of switching blogs. was not allowing me to post from my work computer anymore and since I tend to come up with my splendid blog ideas while at work, it was becoming an issue! So, I have switched to I am liking it and hope you will like it, too! My next task it to try and get all of my old blogs on to this site. Not sure if that one will work, but we shall see!

So changing to this site was the first change.

Second change came today at 4 o’clock when I decided to get bangs. Yes, sort of a random thought, but it was time for a trim at the hairdresser so I went all out and got bangs. So far, I’m enjoying them! They are definitely different, but fun…if hair can be fun!

Third change…and not so much a change, but a probable (and hopeful) change…today I got a phone call from someone at the Pac-10 conference. He told me that they had looked over my resume and would like me to come out for an interview! WOW! Definitely unexpected. They are flying me out there on May 9, so keep your fingers crossed for me. Still can’t believe that they are doing this and in the next two weeks, I need to find “Strong and Confident Allyson” so I can knock there socks off when I’m out there. If it all works out, I hope my devoted blog readers like northern California. The conference office is located less than 30 minutes east of San Francisco.

So…I think that is all on the changes thus far. I’m hoping that that is all for atleast another week…I’m not big on change so too much at once might freak me out!

Welcome to Life’s Little Al’s Dot Blogspot Dot Com! 🙂


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  1. Erin

    I heart strong and Confident Allyson.

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